Kilimanjaro Climbing Dates

On Barking Zebra Tour climbs, there is no such thing as a middleman. We do not outsource any part of your climb.  We employ our guides, crew and use our gear. We have full control over climbing preparations, safety & standards of your climb.



Scheduled climbing departures for 2019 season

RouteArrive to TZClimb StartsDepart TZPrice Notes
Machame 7 daysFeb 03, SunFeb 05, TueFeb 12, Tue$3,950
Lemosho 8 daysFeb 17, SunFeb 19, TueFeb 27, Wed$4,550
Machame 7 daysMarch 03, SunMarch 05, TueMarch 12, Tue$3,950
Machame 7 daysJune 02, SunJune 04, TueJun 11, Tue$3,950
Machame 7 daysJune 16, SunJune 18, TueJune 25, Tue$3,950
Lemosho 8 daysSep 29, SunOct 01, TueOct 09, Wed$4,550
Machame 7 daysOct 13, SunOct 15, TueOct 22, Tue$3,950

Please note:

As of July 1, 2016, Tanzania imposed a new Value Added Tax (VAT) on tourism activities. The prices include the Value Added Tax.

The above-scheduled climbing expedition departures will run with a minimum of 3 trekkers.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to produce this information accurately. We reserve the right to correct errors.